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We want to replace logs were a patio door is. What is the correct way to place the logs and set them in properly. What product do we use to place log on log. I believe the logs that are on our home has a type of weather stripping in between each log and then calking. Do you use some type of stakes pounded into each log as you stack one on top of the other? We put a call into you guys, but never received a call back. I'm sure you are crazy busy. Please answer all the questions I have asked. I se


You will need to screw them into place with Log Boss fasteners You will also want to caulk around all openings with Energy Seal caulk. Call 800-564-2987 for the products that you will need.

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Posted By Eric Johnson
Hello I have a small cabin in Northern MN. When we built it, we tied the logs together with large spikes. Now we want to cut in a window in the loft end wall. If i use a large say welding magnet will it go through the logs enough to find the spikes??? So we can cut with a chainsaw to get through then maybe a sawzall for the rods??