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I have a PanAbode cedar log home with Behr Liquid Rawhide #13 applied to the exterior. Needless to say after 10 years it looks terrible and is still tacky in areas. I have settled the lawsuit with Behr and now I need to get this stuff off of my home without putting gallons of toxic material into my ground water. Nothing seems to take this stuff off of my home. Can you offer any suggestions??? Thanks Bill



You need to corncob blast the old finish off to get back to a fresh wood surface and then apply a new stain. You can fill out a request for assistance form on this web site and we will contact you with help.

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Posted By tessie santa ana
I have the same problems as WILLIAM, but, I did not know about the lawsuit with BEHR. My exterior wall looked awful Need you help.
Posted By Kristen Weber
We are currently in the process of purchasing 3 cabins that have the "rawhide" treatment on the logs. I am wondering if there is another product besides the Behr, or if not, the specifics of the lawsuit. Please advise, we may still be able to get out of the deal.
Posted By Sue
Same issue...Behr Rawhide on house purchased. What do you advise? Is there an alternative to corn cob blasting, since it's so expensive?

Posted By vz
How did you go about pursuing the suit with Behr?
Posted By Mark
Same deal as William, what is the best way to remove Raw-hide, live in Alaska, corn blasting not available, should I use sand blasting on cedar siding, fairly profecient at blasting.
Posted By suzanne
Are there chemicals in some brands of chinking or other materials used in assembling log cabins which are associated with memory problems?
Posted By Karen Martin
I have used Behr Rawhide on my outdoor funiture (natural unfinished wood chairs). After 10 yrs it's wearing off in places. What do I need to do before reappling? Also, is it possible to paint over this product? If so what are the steps.
Thanks for your help.
Posted By Debbye
We have black wood everywhere from rawhide paint/stain. What can we do. Also, is there any type of financial help available from Behr?
Posted By robert vandenborn
I have Behr rawhide on cedar shingles on my house, garage, barn and cabin. It is terrible, off in places, black, and can't be covered over. How can I remove it from so many buildings. I was told to use an acrylic Behr product but that looks worse.
Posted By Henry Tkatchuk
The smoot cedar board on house I scrapt behr oil off & painted with behr log home # 15 .The rough cedar boards are peeling $ turning black behr 31-13 gloss ps.dont know what to use over it Thanks
Posted By Ron Lowe
I have rawhide on my cedar house, 40 yrs old house and it had several coats over the years. Product held up well but as not available now i| am wonder is there anything that will cover it? Thanks Ron
Posted By claude Joy
what paint to use over rawhide on log siding
Posted By Gary
Is it possible to just restain the black spot?
Can it be high pressured off with water?
Can it be painted over?
Live in Alaska, don't have corn cobs.
Is it possible to get help from the lawsuit?