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I've noticed varying gaps between the logs in my home. It appears that the logs are twisting.Where the edge of one log twists up and an adjacent one twists down, the gaps are becoming quite substancial. Is this normal settling? Or is ther cause for concern? Is there any way to minimize this?


Sorry, Im not sure on the situation you have. Do you have 1/2 logs on a framed home. If so, the siding wasn't secured properly to control the natural twisting of logs. Toe nailed using screws works the best every 4 feet top and bottom.

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Posted By Rich Freeman
No, it's a full log home. The logs are milled flat top and bottom with a spline on the tops of the logs and a groove on the bottoms. The gaps are opening up on the interior of the house. Where the gaps are their worst abot 1/4" of the 1/2" spline is visible. I was wondering if dry heat from a wood fire could be causing the inside to twist? And if anything could be done to reverse the twist.
Posted By Ingrid Glassford
I would like to use 10" 1/2 logs in my interior great room. I would also like to use clear stain or white wash stain to make the walls appear very light/whiteish. I would also be chinking. Can you suggest a log that is very light by nature, a stain that would not turn orangish/dark with age, or change the chinking and a place to get the half logs.