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In a previous question about maintenence on a 'full log' home, you gave the following response:

You should plan on budgeting at least $2000 per year for maintenance..... the time will come to strip the old finish off, and that can cost....$10,000 to $20,000....It will need constant inspections......

My question: Is it the same, for a stick built house that just has 'half log' siding on it?


Probably not quite as much, but there is pretty much thesame maintenance on log siding. You will not have the cost of log replacement which can be pricey if ithas extensive rot. If you keep up on the maintenance with semi annual inspections you can keep the cost of maintenance to a minimum in both situations.

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Posted By Bob W
I am looking at buying a 1/2 log sided home. I would like to know about the constant maintenance that my frends have told me about. From what I hear you have to power wash and stain. is this true?
Posted By john dinkey
I have the simular problem .......where can i purchase replacement logs to fix the ones that are rotted out.