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1. Backing for chinking on exterior of structure? 2. Backing for chinking on interior of structure? 3.Open cell vs Closed Cell backing application/where-where not and why? 4.Blue/Pink Board Acceptable application? Log gaps are variable from end to center to end. Confused???? Thanks for best answers not mfg based for sales


It is recommended that a "closed cell" foam be used. There tends to be a lot of discrepancy on whether open cell or closed cell off gases. My experience is that you should not use the blue, pink or bead board insulation behind latex chink. I have seen some terrible cases of bubbling from off gassing from these materials. Use Grip Strip backer. It comes in different sizes or you can cut to fit where needed. to order

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Posted By John A
I am building a log cabin in Flagstaff, Arizona. All of our logs are stacked and sealed. I am on a tight budget. My contractor has indicated that we do not need to "chink" the exterior, that the initial caulk and stain will be fine. (Given Arizona's overall dry and moderate climate) The Log manufacturer is recommending that we do it. Your thoughts?