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I stained and sealed a large log home last year with Perma-Chink products (2 coats stain, 2 coats sealer), wonderful stuff, the homeowners were extremely pleased. Unfortunately, they have two horses that recently started to bite chunks of the logs off! They called me in to repair the logs, (some so severely torn into that they'll need a complete replacement), but I'm wondering what I can do to prevent the horses from biting into the repair work? Would a borate solution sprayed onto the dama


I would recommend the dog food factory... Just kidding... If you borateted the logs, that could be what is attracting them. Try Repell on the home and see if it helps. You can buy it at most hardware stores. Not very pleasant smelling though. Maybe move the fence so they can't get by the house.

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Posted By Jeff
Want to build a small log barn for hay storage. Clearing a lot - several pines available for the cabin. Have built a Scandanvian Full Scribe cabin in the past. Unfortunately, here in SC powder post beetles are plentiful and feasted on the previous cabin. Has anyone ever just slapped motor oil on the logs? I know this wouldn't please 21st century tree huggers - but I wonder if the beetles and bees would find it repulsive enough to leave alone? If not motor oil, how about WD-40?