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We just discovered that our contractor used CWF exterior to paint the Interior of our log home. The CWF clearly says only use on exterior--should we remove--corbn blast the interior or will the toxic properties of CWF exterior go away?


I would not be happy! CWF never really gets dry to the touch. It will be hard to keep the dust out of it. Corn blasting is not a good way to strip interiors. I would recommend sanding it for a smooth finish for easy cleaning in the future. Go to this link for more info:

This is some of the info from this web site;


SKIN: May cause skin irritation. Prolonged or repeated contact can result in defatting and drying of the skin which may result in dermatitis.

EYE: May cause eye irritation. Symptoms include stinging, tearing, redness.

INHALATION: May be irritating to the nose and respiratory tract. Prolonged or repeated contact can cause nasal and respiratory irritation, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea, headache, possible unconsciousness, and even asphyxiation.

SWALLOWING: Can cause gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting. Aspiration (breathing) of vomitus into lungs must be avoided; can enter lungs and cause severe damage. Ingesting large amounts of ethylene glycol causes liver and kidney damage

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