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We have an existing "Pan Abode" cottage that was erected in the early 60's. We have just completely stripped it of all its coats of stain and the logs now appear a blond colour.
My question is simply this:
1. should a pre treatment of some sort be applied before the stain?
2. What brand name stain is best and what clour of stain should we use in an attempt to keep it to its present blonde clour?

I should mention that the cottage is situated in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario Canada.



This may be to late, but you should apply a borate treatment, stain with a good quality log home stain. I like Perma Chink's Life Line. Remember also that the lighter you go the quicker it will fail. The real light blonde colors fade and break down quickly and require a lot of maintenance.

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Posted By darryl campbell
i hbave a 1960 pan abode house that needs restaining i can get the old stain off if i power wash with high pressure and dont mark the logs. some logs were quite dark but cleaned up fdairly well my question is do i nee the logs completely bare to restain , and should i put on some kind of precoat and what type of stain do i use