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3 questions:1. Carpenter bees/bore bees, what is the best way to prevent them from attacking your home. 2. Underneath the two upstairs bedrooms on all the counters and dressers is this dust. No termites no bug infestation just a saw dust covering. The ceiling is just a laid kinda dovetail floor. It only starts falling when kids romp around , is there something we can do to prevent this? 3. The cabin is white pine 17 year old with natural splitting in the wood,would it be good to seal all those


1 - There is no good solution to carpenter bees. Having an exterminator come once a month during the high activity months helps. 2 - The dust sounds like it is sawdust that got stuck in between the flooring during construction. Not sure how to get it all out. maybe a good strong shop vac with a pin point nozzle along each seam. 3 - You can fill the splitting on the interior, but it would be for looks only. Do not start filling all of them on the exterior unless they are allowing wind, water or bugs to get inside.

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