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I have a red pine log home with a stone fireplace and chimney. The prior owner had problems with birds and other animals getting between the chimney and the logs. There is an approx. 1.5-2.5 inch gap between the home and the chimney. They put insulation and then spray foam to seal the gap. I'm in the process of removing the foam and insulation because of it holding water and turning the logs black around the chimney. What would be the best way to seal this area and keep the logs from rotting be


You must get all of the spray foam out. It does trap moisture next to the wood and will cause rot. Once cleaned out, put Grip Strip in to fill the gap and cover with Perma Chink. You can get these products at Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987.

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Posted By Chris Todd
Will the Perma Chink adhere to the stone and mortar? The area to fill is uneven and the size of the gap varies continually, especially since it is a vertical gap going over horizontal logs from top to bottom. Would a different backer be better? I know that the grip strip is for even joints.