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We just bought a D log home that is 6 years old in Vermont, the previous owners used clear silicone for air leaks. This did not work and now I want to clean out the silicone and use Sascho conceal. The inside pine logs were sealed with a polyurethane finish I think. Do I have to just "mechanically" clean the silicone out or do I need to clean it with a chemical? If so what type? Thanks


I would remove it and then go over the area with an Osborne brush to try and remove any residue left from the silicone. Do not fill the checks unless they are allowing wind water or bugs to get inside. Also if they run into a window or door jamb they should be filled. Any check that are filled must be inspected a couple of times a year for failure.

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Posted By Rebecca
I have a log home that has been a disaster from the beginning.The contractor told us the size to have the foundation built at & it ended up bigger then the logs that he manufactured.The other contractor that we had put the logs together onto the foundation decided to put flashing onto the overhang.It leaks when it rains. I don't know what to do.I tried recaulking it,spray sealing it,foam caulking where I could. Do you have any suggestions?