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I just purchased a 25 year old log home and it looks like the exterior logs needs a good washing, caulking, and staining. Can you give me general guidelines on how to go about doing this and caulking and staining material I should use. Thanks.


Osborne brush loose flaky areas, light wash with Log Wash, repair caulk then stain with the same kind of stain that is on the house. If you do not know the stain that is on it now then I would recommend stripping it to bare wood and starting over to maintain it properly from here out. Call Dave at 800-564-2987 for more help and the products that you will need.

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Posted By Anna Kulas Rosenthal
Have a few gaps between an old log cabin that I need to fill inexpensively & easily (will be doing myself)...can I use mortar? Is there a spray foam that I could use, we are talking only about 24" long and 1/4 - 1/2" wide gap. We took all drywall down & insulation and found this gap, which I want to repair before putting new stuff back up.