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We have an older "kit" log home erected in the early 80's. We have restored the exterior including the borate treatment. We now want to address the evidence of powder post beetles on the interior, but we honestly can't tell if the logs have been stained. We have even applied 'Zip Strip' to a section to see what would lift off and there was barely any difference. We still think there may be some kind of finish on them. Is there anything to can suggest other than sanding that would assure u


Sanding is the best way for interior stripping.

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Posted By Carrie
Not sure how old this post is, but i had the exct same experience with a log home we bought. We also addressed the exterior issues, with a full restoration process, cornblasting, shellguard, sikkens cetol and chinking. Inside the logs looked dull but dirty and had many old areas of powder post beetle damage, every know hole had loose bark filled with wood like powder, underneath the loose bark was raw wook with work like lines. We took a stiff brush and knocked off all the loose bark and brushed away all the powder. And then washed the logs with a damp cloth. Super messy. We ended up with clean but dull rustic looking logs. we then had a contractor clean all the logs with minetal spirits and then added a coat of polyurethane. He did all the house expect for two rooms that i could reach myself. I ran out of money. Since then, for the logs i could reach in a small room I tested out just cleaning with brush and putting on a coat of Super Shine Floor polish, it looks the same and much easier. So far it has held up with no ill effects, same as the poly!