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Our log home gets attacked by carpenter bees every year
My husband doesn't think the holes they leave behind in the logs are causing any structural damage I disagree
What can we do to keep them from returning

The exterminator sprays the wood each year and the bees leave for a while


I have never seen the bees cause structural damage, they are just dirty and annoying. having your exterminator spray regularly is the best option to slow them down. Some say that a fresh finish stops them, but I have had them drilling into fresh stain the next day.

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Posted By Paul Stalanaker
I'm sure the person supplying the answer understands. The question stated "carpenter bees". I have a log home and I also have a problem with them. They DO cause structural damage because they bore into the center of a log leaving about 1/4" round hole where they go in. Then, they proceed to hollow out the log horizontally to lay their eggs. What is the answer to this? I've never found an easy answer - coatings don't deter them because they do not ingest the wood. They are prevalent during the months of May and June.