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We are thinking about buying a log home but I am wary that the guy selling it does not seem to know much about log homes (hence why I am on an internet site asking questions that he should be answering). I noticed that he used Cabot stain on the exterior and was wondering, is Cabot just a bad choice for log homes? Is this something we would have to sand off and replace within a couple years? (The property is well shaded and does not appear to be blasted by the sun)


If it is good shape and not badly faded or peeling it should be OK. Cabot is not my first choice of stain, but remember to keep up with the maintenance or it will be costly to remove. You should also walk around with a hammer and tap on the logs looking for rotten ones. you will know when you hit one.

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Posted By Brian DeLisle
We just bought a 4 year old cypress log house that's never been stained or sealed but has lots of black spots and graying. Does cypress need borate treatment before staining?
Posted By Bob
I used Cabot's on my red cedar log cabin. 2-3 coats are required. So far, it is holding up. We seem to have hit a balance between UV protection and preserving the nice color. I'd like your opinion about what stain you would prefer or recommend since I will be starting cabin #2 in the next 4 months. Thanks!