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My log home is caulked is oil base it needs to be redone and it is very hard to get a good smooth line.I was told that all you can do is use your finger with baby oil on it.can you tell me if there is any other way.this is a nightmare Thank you


Small trowel and a spray bottle of water.

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Posted By Wally
When I was young, I chinked several log cabins that we still own. I found that the best tool was a dinner knife with a rounded end, bent to about a 60 degress angle. This tool allowed a smooth finish that was just right for most gaps between the logs. I had a couple of cabins that were caulked with oil base caulking over oakum -- these are now 70 years old and still tight but the caulking had darkened to almost black.

To smooth a joint that didn't work out well with the initial stroke, chinking and caulk can both be reworked with the tool dipped in water -- you are only keeping the material from sticking to the tool.

I am redoing two of the mortar chinked cabins now, as the chinking gets kind of loose after 50 or 60 years. It is interesting to power wash a cabin (it cleans the logs back to new color) that seemed tight and see how much water comes through the joints.

My two cents. Thanks