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we have a pine log home built about 2 years ago...I believe we have powder post bugs ( deep holes with sawdust under bug with yellowish stripe that flies..i think ). our exterminator gave us this "KILL ALL" solution that we pump into the holes when we notice them. lots of holes last year,.. much less this year. we also spray the exterior of the home every few months with this stuff..we cut down the trees touching the house to try and help with this too..the home is treated and sealed


The only good way to get rid of Powder Post Beetle is to strip the house and apply a borate solution. The fly insects that you are seeing are probably Parasitic Wasps. They are going into the hole to eat the larva of the Powder Post Beetles.

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Posted By Michael Freeman
I also have a log cabin with powder post beetles. Unfortunately, I have stained and sealed the logs.
What is the best way to strip the logs to use a borate solution to kill these betles?

I am really struggling to find an answer and any assistance would be appreciated.

Michael Freeman