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when you are setting up your log home and you apply borate treatment, how long does this borate treatment last? I keep reading where you tell people they need to remove the finish and apply borate...did they not have borate treatment originally at the time of building? or does it not last long? thanks


Shell-Guard, a borate by Perma Chink, is an application that will last the life of your home as long as the exterior surfaces are maintained with a quality, water resistant stain such as Lifeline stain, also by Perma Chink. Once you let the finish break down on a log home the borate starts to leach out of the wood. It can only be applied to bare wood, which is why I say it must be striped down first. Point is:Keep up on the maintenance of your home. I recommend budgeting $1 per square foot/ per year towards maintaining your log home to have a professional do it.

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Posted By Jonita Garcia
With a new log home that has taken about two years to build, do you need to do anything to the logs before using borate and also is borate needed inside and out. Also, is it necessary to apply a finish after the borate or does the borate protect it well by itself?
Posted By Nancy
How often should you re-stain your log home. My home is 2 yrs old and still looks great. Should I re-apply anyway?