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We have log home with 3 coats of Sikkens Cetol 1. We are ready for maintainence coat. House looks great now. Contractor suggests there is future concern that Sikkens product will trap moisture leading to rotting and has recommended we consider cob blasting and one coat of wood preservative product. Your thoughts? We're shocked...we did exactly what log home manufacturer suggested.


First, there should have been 2 coats Cetol 1 and 1 coat Cetol 23. Your contractor is correct in my opinion. Oil based stains do not allow the wood to breathe properly. If the Sikkens is in good shape you should just go ahead and apply a maintenance coat of Sikkens Log& Siding the same color of your stain.If the Sikkens ever gets bad enough that it is peeling, you should have it stripped at that time. The bad part with Sikkens is that every time you apply a maintenance coat it gets darker and darker.Sikkens also recommends power washing log homes and I disagree big time with the practice.

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Posted By David Reed
Sikkens Cetol will not darken the logs as with log & siding. You do want to wash the logs, however, VERY little pressure...