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is it prudent to build a log cabin in florida? if so what is the best type of log species? thank you much


Yes, Florida can be very conducive to log homes. The temperature is fairly constant, while in the North country the logs expand and contract with thewarm andcold weather, causing the caulk or chink to pull and break loose. Also, in the North when it rains it may stay cloudy for days while in Florida it gets sunny right away and tends to dry the woodout quicker. You can also work on the house most any time of the year making maintenance easier.

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Posted By Bob Buelow
We are in Naples, FL & have a log home built in 1980s. The logs are 6 X 6 (3 sides flat & 1 side arched). There are portions of the home with siding like the arched profile of the logs. We have at least 100 ft of termite/water damage to the siding. We need to purchase siding in the right size and profile. Any suggestions what wood (pine, cypress, cedar, fir), what source, what price to look for? Would appreciate your input. Bob Buelow, H: 239-774-7462