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I have a Moosehead cedar log home built in 2001 and in addition to two major support beams being replaced due to deep cross check splits and torquing I also have numerous knot holes drying out or crumbling out. I also have evidence of round holes on the outside (some type of boring insect) and tons of small to large black ants every summer that come out from under the walls in the bathroom and kitchen. The cabin is otherwise OK but there are many small problems including areas where the logs hav


The black ants are around because there is wet, rotten wood. The bore holes are probably Powder Post Beetles. Best way to get rid of them is have a borate applied. They are probably OK, but you should have a structural engineer look at those beams.

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Posted By Allan wong
I have a d-fir log home builded in 1998. In Vancouver island BC.In the last two years I find out in one log only that has holes in it. The holes are in 1/8"to3/16" big,it's in the exterior only but not in side of the house, now it has about 20 holes Got bored in this log.
Can you tell me what kind of insect is it?
Is it hatch form inside or some kind of insects boring form outside?
What can I do to fix and fill it?
I can Email you the photo if you need it.