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We are thinking of purchasing a 25 year old log home. A recent report by a qualified inspector found powder post beetles. They are recommending that the home be tented to treat the problem.
What is the best product to treat with, safety /efficacy.
Should the home be inspected by someone else to determine structural integrity.
Will this be an ongoing issue with this home.


Tenting can be harmful to some log homes. If it is the style of log that has a gasket in between each log, the gas from tenting can break down the foam gasket and cause leaking to occur. I would recommend corn blasting the finish off and having a good quality borate treatment applied and then re-stain. It will probably be about the same cost and you end up with a fresh new finish. Use a borate with a glycol base so that it penetrates the wood deeper. As for structural integrity, powder post beetle typically will not be a problem.

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Posted By lori yursha
We have a cedar log home about 20 years old. We have had a problem in our pine beams on our back porch. we sanded them and had almost no beam remaining from the bugs. we had someone treat the logs & we are still not sure if it was taken care of ther are some holes again, but the bugs should die after eating the wood. We are hearing chewing in the house now, who should we call, before our house falls down!
Posted By Phil Hurni
I'm not sure if I have powder post beetles or something worse. The inside of my house has the same type of holes described in many of these other e-mails you get. I can also hear grinding sounds from these insects inside the logs. The fact that I can hear them makes it that much more worrisome. I just recently had a log home repair company cob blast the entire exterior of the house and apply borate, stain and sealer - at great expense. But I obviously still have the insects as I can hear them. What should I do?