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Hi I am care taker of a ranch here in southern california a I live in the log home It has termites and carpenterants big time and on the west side the bottom loggs are ROTTED ! do we tent the cabin including the decking ? help thanks


You need to get these rotted logs replaced before they compromise the structural integrity of the building. Tenting will stop the insects for awhile, but if you have wet, rotted wood there will be more termites and ants in your future. Call Dave or Ryan at 877-788-5647, they can help you.

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Posted By jeff von urff
Hi I am the person who asked the question ; I allso emaied your company over the weekend ----- and I just want to say thank you for the response's !!! and how impressed I am with your fast response to my questions !! I wish companys like yours: were out in california!!
Posted By Bob Sanchez
had a home inspected and was told that 3 logs are hollow and would need replacement (fungus). Can anything be injected? In Auburn, California area. Who would you recommend to do any log repair worrk.