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What is the best way to get rid of the "carpenter bees" that are drilling holes in our logs?



Go to They sell a kit for dusting the holes of these critters. Unfortunatley, they are very hard to get rid of. Good luck!

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Posted By Christina Zagata
I have a log home. It is in need of so much work i am thinking of just covering it up with vinal!!!
The wood bees are unbelievable, the cost of stain and everything else we need to maintain the house is unbelievable! Unaffordable! but the kids want the house and the land and i am so upset with all this I don't know what to do !!!
What do you suggest? Keep fighting the unwinable battle of staining, caulking, dusting, chinking, spraying and the tons of other things that come with these houses or can i just side it and be done with it!!!!! Help! The house is taking over our lives! Any contests for fixing these things? Ha ha. This little gal needs advice!
Thanks, Christina Zagata
Posted By jean ann
We have had our home cob blasted last Dec but have not had any other work continued because of loss of job. As a result our logs have been exposed for more than a year. The wood is dried out and discolored, now we have had to have an exterminator for the bees, bugs, etc. We want to finish is ourselves, could you please let me know what we need to do? Thank you
Posted By Dave Zmek
I live in Chagrin Falls - Ohio with a Log Home. I need the Weather Seal (About 25 gallons & the bug repellant) Do you sell these? How much do you sell them for?
Posted By Roel Hodge