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I have purchased a 100+ year old log cabin on the river which the DNR regulates any changes done and doesn't want to permit magor repair like log replacement,they want to see it gone.It however has some small dry rot places and large cracks on the exterior logs what can I do to insure it does not get any needs rechinking and is painted a dark brown which I would like to lighten back to a more natural color what products and preceedures would you sugest I try.The interirior is in great


Do not worry about the big checks unless they are allowing wind, water or bugs to get inside. If you can, have it corn or sand blasted to remove old finish. Sounds like it may have to be sanded after to clean it up properly. Hope they let you do it.

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Posted By Craig
I have a friend that I met on the internet appox. 9 years ago. She and her husband puchased an old 1870's log home in Ontario, Canada and added on to it. Three years ago her husband came down with Lue Garreg's Desease, and as a result the upkeep on their dream home has deteriated greatly. Her husband just past away approx. 7 weeks ago, and my friend has mentioned that the chinking in the original 1870's portion of their home has become cracked to the point where it is falling out and she has mice and rat snakes coming in. My 9 year old son and I are planning to visit her and help out as much as we can over a week at the end of August. I am handy with tools and woodwork, but have no experience with log homes. Can you tell me how I would go about help her to repair the chinking and kep the vermen and weather out of her home? She doesn't have very much money, and I am volunteering my labor. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated as my friend is still dealing with so much after the recent loss of her husband. Can we use that expanding spay foam insulation to help solve the problem, like people use to fill cracks in normal brick and morta type homes? Or, would that just make the problem worse? I have not even seen her home yet. I want to help my friend out, not make thinks worse for her by not doing things right. Sincerely, Craig