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I have a very heavy infestation of carpenter bees, There are hundreds of holes bored into the logs. Several of the bees have made it into inside the cabin as well. I have treated the logs with a spray on insecticide and a dust application as well. The cabin is about 30 years old and is due for a staining. My question is what do I need to treat the bee holes and what do Ineed to do to prevent them from coming back. Will the stain help prevent the bees for wanting to bore into the logs?


Dear Jason,

Carpenter bees are very hard to get rid of. You may get rid of them for a time, but they always seem to come back. It is an on-going battle. You can order a bee dusting kit from Timeless Wood Care Products at 1-800-564-2987.

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Posted By Beverly
Does the borate, I have seen mentioned on other answers, help with the carpenter bees? Someone said to spray WD40 into the holes, we did and these big white worms came out. We have also had a big problem with pileated woodpeckers and smaller ones too, we guess they are after these worms. It is really bad..they do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Will the Energy Seal work on the holes the woodpeckers are making?