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We put half log siding made from dead standing timber on our home 2 years ago. We cob plasted, applied penetreat, and then permachink. Last year was exceptionally dry-so some obvious shrink. I am noticing insects moving into some of the old insects holes and cracks in the logs (laying eggs), and the last couple months we have had alot of deer flies on the siding. What is the best product to control these insects? I would like to get a jump on it this spring. Thanks for your help


Some of the activity you are seeing may be Parasitic Wasps that would be feeding on the eggs and larva of the boring bugs. You do not want to kill them. Call 800-564-2987 for help with products that could help keep the flies off.

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Posted By Jim and Annette Hale
We have restored to old log cabins and after the restoration there has been so many flies. They seem to be reproducing constantly.
The cabins are retreats for us,so we only go to them every other month or so. But when we come back the floors are covered with flies and they still seem to be hanging around in the windows or somewhere else. It's nasty. We need help getting a solution to this problem.
Thank you
Annette and Jim