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When installing half log real log siding, should the flat area of the log which is against the sheathing be sealed before being installed? We have tyvek installed over the sheathing.



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Posted By Mitchell Taylor
We think so,

We have done several homes in half log siding (real wood), and we always prefinish all sides. It is a lot of extra work moving the boards and finding a dry place to work, but it is worth it. We put one coat on the under-side and two coats on the exposed side; then finish with a final coat on the exposed side once it is installed. In a perfect world we would stain the cut ends as the siding goes on, but that is not always possible.

We kept some stained half-log siding for 6 years, and none of it warped or twisted in storage. We seem to get less shrinkage and pull-apart as well. We assume it is becasue the moisture content of the wood tends to change more gradually and evenly if the entire board is stained.

Sorry not to have more data and broader experience. This seems to work for us.

Posted By Deborah Corneau
I am planning to put up quarter round log siding on the interior walls of my living room. It is T&G, kiln dried pine. I have removed the walls completely& Replaced all the insulation between the studs. Do I have to replace the drywall or can I just nail up the log sidind? Also Do I need to seal the back sides of the siding? If so with what and why?