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My "Lincoln Log" home is 19 years old. The first few years after it was built, we had several water leaks around windows and sky lights (which has been rectified). We have "lots" of water stains on the inside log walls and wish to get rid of them. Over the years we've tried several options (ie. bleach). Some of the stains are deep inside the wood fibers and sanding may not be an option. Is there a chemical on the market that would take care of our stain problems or do we have to sand.


Not that I am aware of. Water stains are one of the worst problems to cure.

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Posted By Jim McCartney
My log home near Lubbock, Texas is about twenty years old. We have a lot of wind-blown dust in this area, but very little rain and even less humidity. The wood double-hung windows are leaking a lot of dust. Would you recommend repair, replacement, or the addition of storm windows?
Posted By Kathleen G Kuepper
In our bathroom, the outer wall top 2 logs, flat on the inside, have mold spots. we were told to use a bleach solution, going from bottom to top and then rinsing to remove. I there a product out there now that can replace the bleach? Would we have to sand also, prior to stain/seal? Thanks