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We are considering buying an existing 25 year old log home which has been covered with vinyl siding. We would like to restore it back to it's original look. What should we be aware of, any tip would be welcome. Have you ever encountered this before? They said they did this bccause they were never satisfied with the chink.

Thank you


Robert &Alana:

I would guess that they originally put the siding on the house due to rotten logs. They probably did not know where to go to get he problem fixed or could not afford it.You will have to have it sand or corn cob blasted to remove any old finish that may exists, most likely have to have it sanded if the old finish is thick,I would recommend a borate treatment be applied and if there was problems with the chink before it will have to be addressed. Then of course, a stain and clear coat must be applied. It's going to be hard to tell what you have going with rotten logs until the siding is removed. If there are exposed logs on the interior you may be able to take a hammer and bang on them. Listen for a dead or dull thump to find the rotten logs. Good luck.

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Posted By Barry Kramer
I would like to add on to my existing attached garage. My home is built out of 6x6 Double T&G d-style logs. I want it to match but I'm unable to find anyone that carries this size of log. I willing to have it stick framed and covered with log siding but the corners won't have the jointed look of the log like the rest of the house. Any suggestions and do you know any log contractors in northern Colorado.

Posted By Rhonda Palmer
Can you stuco a log home? Our structure is all logs I would like to cover the logs with some kind of siding ,will this cause problems to the log? I live in westcentral Oklahoma/
Posted By celeste and dan
I am considering purchasing a two story log cabin built in the 1980's near the eastern Atlantic shore. The house looks well taken care of but it has been sided with cedar impression siding with foam insulation recently. Also, a full bath has been added on the second floor with a "flask" placed by the owner for support. A bedroom (large master) has been converted into 2 smaller bedrooms on the second floor. There is no heat in one of these bedrooms.
I would like to know who I can contact to advise me and to look at this house on the Jersey shore before I commit to the purchase. Thanks for any help you can give me.