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We just combined chemical stripping with power washing (erroneously). We are going to wait 1-2 months before applying stain to the power washed side. On all sides some 'fuzz' developed. Do we need to sand the house and if so could we do it now or wait until it is time to stain it? Will we need to clean it again before staining?


You should sand it with some orbital sanders with 40 grit. You will need to give it a "light" bath with Log Wash and allow it to dry for a couple of days before staining.

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Posted By Sean Rider
I have a Cedar sided house. It was severely weathered, with failed Flood CWF-UV (8 years old) and mold/mildew. We cleaned it with oxygen bleach and powerwashed. Most of the stain is gone, but the wood is fuzzed. 2 do i best remove the fuzz, and can i wait until Spring to put the stain/sealer onto the exposed wood? I would like to take my time and de-fuzz and prep the house.