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We are in the process of buying a log house in Southern California. It is a log cabin that has unfortunately been painted on the exterior and interior. We have heard that exterior painting causes rot in the logs. Is there any type of paint that does not cause rot in the logs? We are looking into walnut shell blasting to remove the paint, but it is very expensive, and we want to know if there is a possibility that that exterior paint is ok to just fix and maintain, or if it will defnitely cause r


If it has been maintained perfectly since it was applied it may be OK for awhile, but if there has ever been any cracking or peeling water has gotten behind the paint and will start surface rot over time, which will lead to full out rotted logs. I would recommend having it removed and then apply a solid color stain which is inexpensive and easy to maintain.

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Posted By bill thompson
i am buying a log cabin in wyoming at 7500 ft elevation. it is a seasonal place due to the severe
amount of snow.the side wall (12-16'height and the
wooden deck (out to about 2ft)appear to have black
spore mold.i don't see a cure! my gut reaction is
to bleach the mold,wash the building and paint the
logs with a solid stain (with preservatives. does all of this sound logical? help!