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The wood in my 110-year-old log cabin has
apparently never been treated with anything.
It's got some insect holes and small areas
of rot. Should I start by washing it with
boric acid, then stain?
Or should I remove the rot first?

Thanks. You guys kick ass.



Thanks Dave!

I would NEVER use boric acid on a log home! You should first have the rotten logs replaced and then strip the entire house by corn cob blasting. It then needs to be treated with a borate (I think this is what you meant) and then stained and possibly chinked.

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Posted By Tony Sparks
will this borate work for woodbores .They have bored hundred of holes and i been filling the holes with caulking is that ok . thank you
Posted By Jennifer
What exactly is the "borate"? Thanks.
Posted By Dorothy Sommers
Over the past 6 mo. something has made 2in. holes in our cedar siding. What could it be? The holes are completely through the sliding but not to the inside of the cabin.
Posted By Lessie
My hubby and I are looking into buying a log cabin built in approx.1900. The present owners say its been "renovated" however, we know little about log cabins and how to point out the problems old log cabins have. If you were us, what questions would you ask to see how good of shape or bad of shape this property may be in?