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We have a 20 year old log home = Yellow pine. I am trying to choose the best stain for our home. We have stripped the home of previous stain and sanded and put a borax persever on/ I havesent for several sample - perm a chink, sikins, sascho and tested on the home. All the colors are darker than I was looking for. I want a good stain that has the color of yellow when applied. What stain would you recommend?


Perma Chink Ultra 2 Light Natural. Keep in mins that the darker the stain the longer it will hold up.

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Posted By Mike
I need to do some repairs that include some facing replacement and would like to get some log material. I have a 6" double d log. I do not know what species of wood I have and would like to match it if possible. It may be yellow pine but I don't know for shure. Is there information available that would help me determine the species. I do have as small quantity of wood I could send to someone if there is a knolwedgeable person. After determining the wood species, I will need to find the log material which may also be a challenge.