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what is corncob blasting?where do u find this @?what do u stain the inside logs with,thats alredy been stained?how offten do we have to do the inside and outside?


Corn cob blasting is a process that is similar to sand blasting, but the media that is used isground corn cobs. It looks like corn meal, but more course. If the interior logs have already been stained they just need to be hand washed with warm water and TSP. You may want to apply a clear coat to help seal them for cleaning purposes after washing. Perma Chink makes an Acrylic Satin or Gloss for interior use. The exterior once stained properly should have a maintenance coat of what ever the manufacturer recommends every 2-4 years. Inspection of the exterior twice a year looking for problems will help maintain the beauty of the home. Look for peeling, fading, caulk/chink splits or water splashing problems and address them immediately. You can obtain all of the products that you will need to maintain your log home from Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987.

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Posted By Bradley
my dad always presure washed log homes. in this company would i want to switch to a cobb blaster ? if not what is the best way to clean log homes quicker plus eaiser? with a demanding company that me and a partner is going to run. thank's doc.
Posted By Ann Orr
I have just purchased two chesnut log cabins in Va. They are maybe 150 yrs. old. Some of the logs have shifted, they are painted inside and the stone foundations are very badly deteriorated. Where do I go for information?
Posted By Bev
I would like to stain the oustide of the house which we purchased in Aug 2005 and the south side of the house is really weathered. What kind of stain would I purchase. I want the natural look of course.
Posted By Darrin Brooks
I am contemplating corn blasting a 1800+s.f. log lodge,my question is do I need to worry about the blasting damaging the chinking bad enough to have to re-chink? The chinking is 5+ years old and in great shape. Thanks for your help.
Posted By dennis tufts
we have recently dismantled a very old barn. it is over one hundred years old. i would like to know if there is a market for the beams and misc. lumber. chesnut oak and cedar. thank you