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We are about 3/4s of the way through with restaining our log home. I am very concerned after reading some of your comments. We have been caulking nearly all the cracks and we are staining with a solid latex stain. Have we totally screwed up? If we have, what can we expect?
We had heard that a solid stain lasts much longer than any other and keeps the squirrels and carpenter bees away.


Solid stain will last much longer, but I'm not sure I would believethe squirrel and carpenter bee story. As for filling the checks (cracks) you just need to inspect them twice a year for breaks and cracks, and repair them right away. If left to dry out and crack you could end up with considerable log rot.

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Posted By Kathi Snook
Our pine log home is 25 years old and never been treated for protection on the outside. The upper logs are dark red like sunburn and lower logs pale especially on the wall we treated last spring for carpenter ants. Our home sits up on concrete piling and we have termite shields on each. Last spring we saw signs of carpenter ants (coming out from between the logs and dropping the saw dus) the length of one wall about two logs up from the floor. We sprayed a pest treatment four logs up the whole length of the one wall. This year we hear chewing (but no signs of carpenter ants) at log five and six on the same wall. Upon further inspection we hear them on each wall especially where we find piles of saw dust. We are concerned something is eating up our pine log home.
Posted By Bobbi
Me and my husband are building a log home and he cut down his own logs which are inside our home and we recently noticed perfectly round holes the size of a pencil in some of the logs but havent seen any bugs to detect what is causing the damage. The bugs are drilling into the logs and it leaves sawdust on our floors. Before we put the logs in the house we bleached them prestained,stained and then applied at least 2 coats of poly on them and we dont know what is causing the damage or how to get rid of it safley considering we have a 1 year old son that I don't want exposed to any dangerous chemical. Please help
Posted By barbara
dear doctor,

i am wondering about carpenter ants in my log home i purchased two years ago. i didn't realize it until late last summer and heard a crunching sound from the corner of the bedroom and thought it was a mouse. found several large dead what i believe to be carpenter ants. i sprayed the house thoroughly with a commercial spray, both inside and out and in all rooms.

it is now spring and i am preparing to do so again and have also found dead carpenter ants in the bathroom.

do i need to have this commercially taken care of or can i try to control it myself?

the home is under 10 years old and is cedar log with log jam between the logs. i have also sealed all the cracks in the wood and the log jam.

do the ants leave "pock marks" in the logs where they emerge?

thank you for your help:)

Posted By sue riekert
I've had a log home since 1977. Sanded it down
to a honey color. Would like to keep it to a light color. Which is better Q8 or Penofin stains or something else. I live in Maine. Thanks Sue