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My wife and I are looking to purchase a log home in southen maryland that has sat vacant for 3 years. Upon a visit to the home, we noticed evidence of boring insects, and extensive amount of gaps. Additionally, there is extensive vegetation over growth next to the home. We did not see any evidence of rot. What other issues might there be and what would be your recommendations to bring it back to specs? Could you also provide a. Rough idea of cost? The home is 4000 sqft, two story. Thank


It should be stripped, treated, caulked and stained. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for an estimate.

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Posted By Laurie
Hi, we are looking at buying a log home on a river. It has been repossessed because it has extensive termite damage. There're holes on both the inside and outside. One side of the house the window is crocked cus the log are starting to collapse. Can you repair this or how do you replace the logs? Or is there an innovative way to fill the logs with something to make them strong again. Help. Laurie and Fred