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I have a 12 yr old pine log home and over the years have darkened the finish which started with sikkens cetol. I am stripping the entire house and going back to the natural pine finish. I would like your recommendations as to 1-Stripper,2-Sealer and 3-What you consider to be the best Natural Pine colored Oil based stain. Can you give me your experienced input and recommendations? I am 72 and don't want to do this complets strip job again!


1. I do not recommend strippers since it takes massive amounts of water and you want to keep the logs as dry as possible. Either media blasting or sanding for stripping. 2. When you say sealer, if you are referring to caulk and chink I recommend the Energy Seal caulk or the Perma Chink chinking. Call Dave at 800-564-2987 for help and to purchase. 3. I consider the LifeLine Ultra 2 "Oak" the best stain and color to achieve a nice natural look. Again, call Dave to purchase. You have to use some kind of stain on the logs You cannot just use a clear or you will be doing it again real soon......

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