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We recently noticed tiny pieces of what looks like styrafoam along with mouse droppings that appear to be coming from an area ? between the peak of the ceiling and the beam.
We are thinking that the white pieces are insulation. We have had good success with the electronic devices but this area is difficult to access. What would work best to get rid of them? Any suggestions on tools to access this area?


I would call a local exterminator.

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Posted By Vickie Roddy
We are purchasing a square log home in the Virginia tidewater area. We have noticed course frass coming out from between the logs inside the house. The frass has the consistency of course sawdust. We have noticed some pencil diameter holes on the ends of the logs. On the outside we have noticed several 3/8 inch diameter holes that appear to be filled with a white chalky substance with a tiny pin hole in the center, Not sure if this may have been done by a previous owner or some insect made the holes. Inside the home the loans are untreated. The outside appears to have been stained about 10 years ago. the termite inspectors did not think it was powder post beetles. Appreciate your recommendation