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I have gotten a 100 plus year old log cabin down to only logs and want to rechink it. I am going to pressure wash it soon. I want to know if I need to stain or just water seal the logs or can I leave them natural? They are chestnut logs but have been painted with whitewash.


Power wash -No Stain - Yes Chink - Yes Fill the checks - No

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Posted By Bonnie
so what kind of water seal should I use?
Posted By Melissa Wille
I have 1800 year old log cabin in Arkansas. It is still standing and in good condition except for the roof is starting to leak. We would like to restore it back to its original conditon. How do we go about doing this? How do I even get started?
Posted By otto edwards
what are checks in chestnut logs? I have a log house made with very old hardwood logs. How can I tell what kind of logs they are. They look like they have never been treated with anything. How did they survive so long without major rotting? Only the tops and bottoms next to the chinking seem to have some degree of rot, perhaps only less than an inch deep. I have started coating the logs with a 5 yr. guarantee semi-transparent sealant and preservative with no tinting made by Olympia from Lowes. Should I continue filling cracks with wood filler after applying the sealant/preservative? This preservative says that it is oil based but cleans up with soap and water? What gives? Can I put a stain paint over the sealant/preservative?