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I own a log cabin in Australia (and there is not much resource over here). Its old - built in the 30's from a hard wood gum. The logs have turned black and grey in parts, expect they were once treated with creasote. We want to bring these back so we can stain them. However don't have corn cob blasting here. We've got soda or dry ice blasting - would you recommend any of these?


I would recommend sand blasting. You will need to protect the windows with plywood or duct tape tar paper over them. Be VERY careful not to cut wires or anything else that could be damaged from the sand blasting. Sounds like you will have to grind the logs with a 50 grit disc after blasting to finish cleaning them.After all of this work be sure to use a good quality log home stain like Perma Chink.

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Posted By Sarah
Thanks - but sand blasting (using sand) is now illegal in Oz. I've had a dry ice demo today and that seems to have worked well and provided a smooth finish. The guy thinks it will take about 3 days to complete the house (standard 3 bedroom size home) - is this relative to corn cob etc. Have you had any experience with this medium - it left no residue and dried instantly, seems to be good and no clean up or extra sanding required. Also, is Perma Chick available in Australia - I've not seen anyone stocking it here?
Posted By New Age Soda Blasting
Three days is quite long for removal of the unwanted stain. If you soda blasted it would not take more than 2 days. Blast media is water soluble and only the coatings removed are left behind. Check out my web site.