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I purchased a log home a hear ago in MI. I need to blast, restain and caulk as well as replace some rotted logs. How often should I plan on restaining, caulking and blasting this house in the future? Should this be done every couple of years or longer? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!


Once you have re-finished yor log home you need to keep up on the maintanence of appling a fresh clear coat every 2-3 years. along with a routine inspection every spring and fall your new finish can last for 10-15 years. A lot of times the south and west walls will need attention more often. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for your finsh needs.

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Posted By daniel golladay
I'm in the process of completing a new log home. I have water stains and discoloration and want to use a corn cob blaster or walnut hulls. I live in Va and have been looking but with no sucess. Can you PLEASE help me to find what I need to do the job. I was told that with walnut hulls you can use a sand blaster?? Thanks, Daniel