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We are getting ready to retire and build a lake home in Northwest Arkansas. It appears you have a serious problem with Eastern White Pine. We have spent years looking for a plan that we like, and finally found the perfect plan. Problem is, the manufacturer of this home uses only eastern white pine. Would you go so far as to recommend we not go with this manufacturer, and if so or not, could you please explain the problem?


White Pine tends to be more maintenance since it is more susceptible to rot than say red or yellow pine. Also, if the logs are of large diameter the white pine can tend to be hollow in the middle more often.

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Posted By Bob H.
We just finished a red cedar log cabin in NW Arkansas. We considered and rejected pine. Pine is what the critters feast on! We are VERY pleased with the red cedar logs. Doing it again, I might opt for red cedar log siding, with treated lumber for all sills, and making sure my foundation is out of the ground and put a termite barrier between the logs and the foundation. But we are really pleased with our result. Any builder who will only do pine should be told, "No thanks". Best of luck!