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Our log siding has pulled away from the house in several places. The chinking is also pulled, cracked and separated. The siding was nailed in instead of screws. Do we need to screw all of the boards? Do we need to remove the old chinking before putting on the new chinking? This is all less than 10 months old.


Sounds like the siding was very green yet whenyou put it up. Screws-yes. Make sure the are coated sothey do not rust. You might have to remove some of the old chinking before repairing to make it look good.

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Posted By Joanne Firmstone
Hi, I am currently building a cypress post and beam home in Australia with engineered log infill. We are also building a shed to match but this is post and beam with a cypress frame in between. We are attaching cypress half log cladding to the frame the cladding at the thickest section is approx 40mm thick. Just wondering best way to attach it. Can we nail it or do we screw it and if so what type of screw and how far apart should the screws be. It is green so I am concerned about it twisting and warping.