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I've recently purchased a 10-year old, cedar (half) log home. Home is sound, but is clearly ready for external cleanup. I'm struggling with two big questions: First, cob blasting versus chemical stripping and, second, an oil-based product (like Sikkens) versus an acrylic (like Perma Chink). I've had lengthy conversations with professionals interested in the job but am very confused about which way to go. Each presents seemingly strong arguments for their "optimal" solution. Help!


All I can say is the less water on the logs, the better. My experience with strippers is that they do not give a good even cleaning of the logs. Under the overhangs and porches were the stain is still in good shape will not clean very well with chemical strippers. It tends to leave a blotchy look that does cover well with a new coat of stain. Corn cob blasting usually will give a good even cleaning and is dry and ready to stain immediately, which is what you want. Having to wait for the wood to dry allows mold spores, pollen and dirt to settle on the wood to be trapped under the stain and cause black mold to grow. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for more help.

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