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just purchased, a 17 year old, half log home from forclosure. So i dont know what was done or how it was done stain wise before i bought it. The stain is not to bad yet, but could go for a fresh coat. What is the propper procedure? strip old stain, and how? Then re-apply a new stain. what is a good quality stain? Then can i put on a clear coat of some sort to protect and make stain last longer? if so in the future i can just keep putting on a clear coat, insted of having to redo it all the time


You really need to try and find out what kind of stain is on it if it is still in good shape. No fading, peeling or blistering. If it is an oil based stain it will have color to the maintenance coat and cause it to get darker every time. Try looking in the garage or basement for old left over cans.Most repos still have all of this left in them.

I like to use Perma Chink Life Line stain that is latex. It starts with 2 coats of color and 2 coats of clear when first applied. Perma Chink recommends a fresh clear coat be applied every 3 years. The nice part is that you maintain the color. Sometimes you may need to spray a light coat of color on the sunny sides of the house to maintain the original color. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for an estimate to corn cob blast the existing finish off and start fresh.

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