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Last fall we paid $12,000 to have our log home chinked. This Spring, woodpeckers are ruining it. There are woodpecker holes in several places in the chink. We never had a woodpecker problem before the chinking was done. Any suggestions?


Try hanging a good quality plastic owl with glass eyes from a wire or string in the affected areas. They probably used to get bugs from between the logs and know they are still behind the chink.

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Posted By David McDowell
I had a severe woodpecker problem in Star Valley Wyoming. I tried a fake owl, moth balls, a radio, and covering up the holes, and none of these things worked. An old sheep rancher told me that they used to hang a dead magpie on a fence post in their lambing pasture and it would keep the other magpies away. (Magpies will eat the soft tissue of a baby lambs face before it is all the way out. They are a real threat to the flock.) He suggested the same for my woodpecker problems. It worked perfectly. One dead woodpecker, no more holes in my house!