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A rew years ago our log home was powerwashed, the person doing the job used little care and forced water betwen the logs causing water stains on the inside. Most aren't too bad, but a few are very dark. I asssume that sanding is the only way to remove or lighten the stains. Three questions: Would a belt sander be the best type sander to use? What grit sandpapers would work best? Once sanded should the sanded log be treated?


A belt sander would probably work, but it will not get into tight corners real well. We like to use a side grinder with a 60 grit disc. You can finish with a 100 grit to get a nice smooth finish. This will not get into corners real well either, but covers more than a belt sander.Hang on to this puppy though, it can kick back. You should finish with a light interior finish for log homes.Perma Chink Light Natural with a coat of Acrylic Finish is our favorite.

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Posted By J Ratts
We did the above but the stains were too deep to remove. Please help.
Posted By Danna
I sanded the interior of our log home due to water stains in the corners. I used a small mouse sander in the corners and it worked very well.