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We have a 60 yr old log cabin that has been vacant except for bats that have moved in, what do you suggest to remove the bat urine from the inside on the logs


Chuck: You can wash the interior of your home with a mixture of TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) and chlorine bleach. In 4 gallons of warm water mix 1/2 cup TSP with 1/4 cup of bleach. Wash the walls with a very damp rag or soft bristled brush then rinse with a damp rag from fresh warm water. This should help take care of the smell and help kill the bacteria.

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Posted By vicky
We moved into our new log home in December. Since it has been hot this summer (in Kansas), our bedroom on the second level has a strong unpleasant odor. In the evening the odor is very faint. This is not the white pine wood smell throughout the rest of the house. We have no attic for animals to enter. Do you have any experience in this matter?
Posted By Anita Blalock
I have a log home trees cut peeled and put up by my family and I, I treated with bug juice and used woodgaurd stain and permachink in and out.My problem is I noticed a hand full of very tiny black bugs they look like tiny seeds with wings but they never fly, just hanging around my chink in one of the bedrooms. I wet a paper towel with alcohol and wiped them off my log/chink so far they haven't been back but it's only been 2 days,do you have an idea what type of bug this could be, there are no noticeable holes near where they were????