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I have a log cabin made out of pine logs that i built 10 years ago that were cut out of our woods in New york.I never stained or anything to the exterior or interior. The exterior is now a gray and a little black color. I also have noticed that on the interior there are termites.What can i do for the treatment of termites and get the color back in the logs. Is there a stain?


You should corn cob blast the exterior, apply a borate treatment inside and out then stain and clear coat. No magic stain without the first part of the process. Sorry.

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Posted By Jim Farrar
I'm in the process of refinishing the outsode of my log home as we speak. Over the years my logs gotten the same greyish color with black spotting too. I'm using household bleach, (Clorox), in a spray bottle and sraying each log by hand. About 85% of the grey is coming off with one coat, however there were some spots where I had to go over them again. Try not to "overspray" because as the bleach builds up, it tend to drip down onto the lower logs under it and it'll leave "track marks". For the really bad black spots, keep bleaching. I've had to do some of my black spots 5 times over but they have come out as good as the others. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be completed and I'll be ready to stain and clear coat it. Overall ... my log cabin, which just the other day had more gray in it than I do, is now white again.